Happy New Year – Let The Next Adventure Begin!

Do add your words of encouragement.


winter walks in west cork Escaping the weather – I’ll be back end of Jan!

As you read this, I am flying out to Cambodia to work for Singing Kites, a charity that focuses on health and education, giving people ‘a hand up, not a hand out.’ Their emphasis is on building the villagers’ skills and confidence:

assisting them to develop and complete projects that help in alleviating poverty and suffering and open opportunities which bring life changes, vocational training, improved quality of health, sustainability and importantly, self worth and pride in themselves and their achievements.

I have never been to Cambodia, but I am aware of the poverty and problems the country faces and I feel lucky to have been given this opportunity to help. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what we have and to create problems for ourselves, so also I’m looking forward to taking stock and balancing…

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2014 in review. Happy New Year to all.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,900 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 32 trips to carry that many people.

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Go easy on the tipple.

C. J. Black
Tonight, I am going to write what I hope will be an evergreen
A poem to welcome in, the year 2015
My wish for everyone, who happens along this way-
Is that all your wishes do come true and those of all for whom you pray.

At this time of year, nostalgia is bound to raise its head-
As we celebrate with the living, raising a glass in honour of our dead
Try to put behind us the bothers of 2014-
Gear ourselves for what lies ahead – the dreaded unseen.

Trying hard to be upbeat at all times, will not be an easy task
Guidance from those around you, will be at hand, don’t be afraid to ask
To celebrate the coming of 2015, I have little doubt-
That in every City, Town and Village there will be a major blowout.

Go easy on the tipple, forget about making that list
You’ll feel much better take my word, not getting too Brahms and Listz
So as we prepare to step, onto this brand new stage, this of you I beg-
Don’t wish ill look on anyone, for it will rebound, instead wish them – Break – a – Leg.

If per chance our paths should cross, anytime during 2015-
Do make yourself known to me, I will show you my esteem.

C. J. Black©β
Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Every cloud has a silver lining!!

C. J. Black.

Have you ever given any thought to hitting the self-destruct button?
Or is everything you write satisfying to you, i.e. lamb instead of mutton?
Do you re-read every line you write, continue to scrutinise
Does it get totally frustrating, if the answer is yes, with you I empathise.

Reading all those various forms is truly an education
But if truth be known it can also be at times, sheer and utter frustration?
Looking for fresh ideas on a daily basis –
Is like crawling on your hands and knees, seeking water in an oasis.

Through the magic of ink and quill
I am at this present moment painting a word still?
Much to my utter amazement it must be said
Because at the outset of this ‘poem’ the thought process was dead.

I know I am breaking many rules in putting this to print
This empty page encouraged me, in it to put a dint
So just to let you, if you have not already guessed
I am considering a hiatus and giving my quill a rest.

Then again I may just plug myself back into the socket
Re-energised, I might attempt another poem, which might just corner the market
Wishful thinking, yes I know that, but it’s said God loves a trier
Anything would be better than this, in my opinion this is dire.

I should consider at this juncture to call a halt to this –
But before I do, to omit this would be of me quite remiss
So to all who have taken the time through-out this year, Twenty Fourteen?
To comment, share, like, and generally be there, you are held in high esteem
So season’s greetings one and all, may your wishes all come true
Hopefully we’ll all meet again in 2015 and acquaintances renew.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 07 December 2014

In illustrious company.

“I often quote myself – it adds spice to my conversation” (George Bernard Shaw)
C. J. Black.
It was worse I tell you, than walking in a pea-soup fog
Being without my PC with no access to my blog.
The reason for this admission will become quite clear
I am coping quite well thank you, so you might never fear.
You see, I dropped it into the PC doctor to have its wrong put right-
Still waiting patiently for a call back, to be informed of its plight
Being cut off from the outside world is such a totally weird feeling
Akin to being kicked when you are down, or a K.O. punch that leaves you reeling.
But then again, on the other hand it leaves you time to think
Which in turn gives you poetry writing time, further furnishing you with a link.
I am reliably informed that I know a little about a lot of things!
Taking all things into account, we humans are really clever beings?
When once posed this question, people looked at me askance
As I answered thus, Michael Flatley – yes he is Lord of the Dance.
I am regularly told, you should have a diploma in trivia
I can tell anyone who’s interested that Sucre is the capital of Bolivia.
Having this much free time on ones hands, really is a blessing
As to whether this poem is true or false, have I got you guessing?
I can of course if you wish drop a gentle hint, to assist you in your quest
But I also bow to your greater knowledge, of which I know you’re blessed.
Ideas for a poem come to me from the strangest places
I tend to write them down at speed, as my mind constantly races
I set out initially to write a poem about a PC thought I had
Ended up with this plethora of words, I know, I know it’s sad?
There are times I go off on a tangent, which has just one forward gear
This has been one of those times I guess, I’m off now to celebrate with a long cool beer.

C. J. Black©β Monday, 01 December 2014 http://www.chrisblack2012.wordpress.com