In illustrious company.

“I often quote myself – it adds spice to my conversation” (George Bernard Shaw)
C. J. Black.
It was worse I tell you, than walking in a pea-soup fog
Being without my PC with no access to my blog.
The reason for this admission will become quite clear
I am coping quite well thank you, so you might never fear.
You see, I dropped it into the PC doctor to have its wrong put right-
Still waiting patiently for a call back, to be informed of its plight
Being cut off from the outside world is such a totally weird feeling
Akin to being kicked when you are down, or a K.O. punch that leaves you reeling.
But then again, on the other hand it leaves you time to think
Which in turn gives you poetry writing time, further furnishing you with a link.
I am reliably informed that I know a little about a lot of things!
Taking all things into account, we humans are really clever beings?
When once posed this question, people looked at me askance
As I answered thus, Michael Flatley – yes he is Lord of the Dance.
I am regularly told, you should have a diploma in trivia
I can tell anyone who’s interested that Sucre is the capital of Bolivia.
Having this much free time on ones hands, really is a blessing
As to whether this poem is true or false, have I got you guessing?
I can of course if you wish drop a gentle hint, to assist you in your quest
But I also bow to your greater knowledge, of which I know you’re blessed.
Ideas for a poem come to me from the strangest places
I tend to write them down at speed, as my mind constantly races
I set out initially to write a poem about a PC thought I had
Ended up with this plethora of words, I know, I know it’s sad?
There are times I go off on a tangent, which has just one forward gear
This has been one of those times I guess, I’m off now to celebrate with a long cool beer.

C. J. Black©β Monday, 01 December 2014


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