Every cloud has a silver lining!!

C. J. Black.

Have you ever given any thought to hitting the self-destruct button?
Or is everything you write satisfying to you, i.e. lamb instead of mutton?
Do you re-read every line you write, continue to scrutinise
Does it get totally frustrating, if the answer is yes, with you I empathise.

Reading all those various forms is truly an education
But if truth be known it can also be at times, sheer and utter frustration?
Looking for fresh ideas on a daily basis –
Is like crawling on your hands and knees, seeking water in an oasis.

Through the magic of ink and quill
I am at this present moment painting a word still?
Much to my utter amazement it must be said
Because at the outset of this ‘poem’ the thought process was dead.

I know I am breaking many rules in putting this to print
This empty page encouraged me, in it to put a dint
So just to let you, if you have not already guessed
I am considering a hiatus and giving my quill a rest.

Then again I may just plug myself back into the socket
Re-energised, I might attempt another poem, which might just corner the market
Wishful thinking, yes I know that, but it’s said God loves a trier
Anything would be better than this, in my opinion this is dire.

I should consider at this juncture to call a halt to this –
But before I do, to omit this would be of me quite remiss
So to all who have taken the time through-out this year, Twenty Fourteen?
To comment, share, like, and generally be there, you are held in high esteem
So season’s greetings one and all, may your wishes all come true
Hopefully we’ll all meet again in 2015 and acquaintances renew.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 07 December 2014


6 thoughts on “Every cloud has a silver lining!!

  1. I think all writers go through periids of hating everything we write. I certainly do. So merry Christmas to you Chris. I hope your new year is filled with poetry (yours), good health and good times!


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