Go easy on the tipple.

C. J. Black
Tonight, I am going to write what I hope will be an evergreen
A poem to welcome in, the year 2015
My wish for everyone, who happens along this way-
Is that all your wishes do come true and those of all for whom you pray.

At this time of year, nostalgia is bound to raise its head-
As we celebrate with the living, raising a glass in honour of our dead
Try to put behind us the bothers of 2014-
Gear ourselves for what lies ahead – the dreaded unseen.

Trying hard to be upbeat at all times, will not be an easy task
Guidance from those around you, will be at hand, don’t be afraid to ask
To celebrate the coming of 2015, I have little doubt-
That in every City, Town and Village there will be a major blowout.

Go easy on the tipple, forget about making that list
You’ll feel much better take my word, not getting too Brahms and Listz
So as we prepare to step, onto this brand new stage, this of you I beg-
Don’t wish ill look on anyone, for it will rebound, instead wish them – Break – a – Leg.

If per chance our paths should cross, anytime during 2015-
Do make yourself known to me, I will show you my esteem.

C. J. Black©β
Tuesday, 30 December 2014

3 thoughts on “Go easy on the tipple.

  1. Lovely! Nice to see you back. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Chris. All the best for a happy, healthy, peaceful, rhyming New Year!!


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