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Recently in Canada Railway workers went on strike. The primary concerns were not money, but safety concerns regarding shift length and rest periods. The sides recently agreed to resolve the issues through mediation, but this only came after the Federal Government threatened back to work legislation. Back to work legislation is only supposed to be used for essential services. I do not see Railway Workers as an essential service because there are other modes of transport. The government wanting to legislate Railway Workers back to work regardless of the safety concerns raised by the union I find hypercritical especially given the tragedy of Lac Megantic, Quebec. The Federal Government passed legislation that does nothing to improve rail safety as companies do not need to declare potentially hazardous materials to towns through which the cargo will pass until after it has passed whereas prior to the accident they did not have…

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To the powers that be at CNN …

365 And Counting

Shut the f*ck up already.  Really.  Your incessant repetition of nothing is so getting on my nerves.  The endless speculation that silencegoes nowhere.  The constant questions.  The meaningless questions.  The ever-growing stream of ‘experts’ who have no answers because there are no answers.  Your relentless prying and probing and the never-ending exploitation of people’s sadness and grief.  Please.  Stop.

Enough already.  Give it a rest.

It’s bad enough when there’s a snowstorm and your poor, unfortunate, frost-bitten reporters are sent hither, thither and yon to freeze their asses off, so you can keep tabs on how high the snow drifts are.  Or when a plane goes down.

You just can’t get enough of the gory details.  Over and over and over and over again you ask what it must have been like to be a passenger on that plane as it spun out of control and it became

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Writing 201: Day 2.


Writing 201: Journey. On the menu today; Journeys, Limericks and alliteration.


As I Journey through this poem

Allowing my mind to freely roam

I may just come up with a gem

Words which fit, if I remember them

But then again maybe not

Then on my copybook I’ll leave a blot

Walk away not quite frustrated

Perhaps a little agitated?


Tried to write a Limerick once

But of sense I haven’t an ounce

Good I have fleeting feet

Can run a mile from defeat

Tried to write a Limerick once?


There was an old man from Japan

Who tried to fry fish on a pan?

I thought it quite odd

When he said, yes its cod

It need not make sense – but must scan?


I tried writing a Limerick and failed

On these words was firmly impaled

But write one I will

I won’t stop until

I’ve writing Limericks nailed.


Am I improving as I go along?

Could I be in line for a gong?

A Limerick Bafta

That’s what I’m “Afta”

On stage is where I belong?


Now that I’m on a roll

And look like I’m reaching my goal

A Limerick I’ll write

Out of pure spite

Might even one critic extol?


From writing Limericks I thought I’d refrain

Then I thought, what then would I gain

So decided why not

Give it a second shot

“Limericks” could drive you insane?


By putting these “Limericks” on show

Just proves how little I know –

About, writing I guess

But onward I’ll press

Undaunted, my trumpet I’ll blow.


I’m not a feather plucker, I’m a feather puckers’ son.


I rattled my bottles in Hollick’s yard, my bottles I rattled in Hollick’s yard.


Red leather, Yellow leather.

  1. J. Black©β

Tuesday, 17 February 2015