One Foot in the Grave.


  1. C. J. Black

Is there anything more uplifting than laughter that’s infectious?

Is it not the best medication, its effect can be miraculous?

The source, really it does not matter once you feel the vibe

The feeling which I get – I’ll admit, is so hard to describe.


Sometimes it’s silly humour that really strikes a chord

Other times its reading matter that undoubtedly does the trick

Irrespective of the source, just like the twin blade sword

Comedy with a cutting edge, to be great must be slick?


I guess we all have our favourites, when we want our spirits raised

The zaniness of Black Adder & Dad’s Army are two that come to mind

The Two Ronnie’s along with Tommy Cooper they too must be praised

One could not omit Around the Horne or the Goons that would be so unkind.


What prompted this poem I must admit, was a shot of Morecombe & Wise

For slickness if nothing more, they would have to get first prize

When you are feeling down and out who gives you a lift?

Whoever does the trick of lifting us up when we are down, we are thankful for your gift.


Can’t sign off without a mention of the man with the tickling stick

Doddy and his Diddy Men – Now there is slick.


  1.     C. J. Black©β


A Tightrope Walker.


  1. C. J. Black

In the art of poetry writing, I consider myself to be a Funambulist

Always on the lookout for a high wire if you get the gist?

Stepping out into the unknown in search of the Holy Grail

But always making sure there is a safety net should I chance to fail.


I may write at times as though appearing to be blind folded

You may never see my errors, they will be correct and moulded

Practice makes perfect, you never see a tightrope walker in a flap

They will have their act well honed, you’d miss it if you had a cat nap?


When ensconced in my writing den

It is I admit only then

I enjoy being a Funambulist

Writing poetry with a little twist.


  1.                 C. J. Black©β


A Wordsmith.


  1.      C. J. Black


The Poet. Now there is a gentle creature

Works away in the silence of his writing den

Its library being its main feature

Its works, by him collected, are selective, read and reread time and again.


How would you describe your work station?

Is it somewhere you take pride in?

Or is it what you might conveniently call a location?

A place perhaps you treat with distain?


The Poet. Is only at peace when being creative

The operative just goes through the motions?

The Poet. Enjoys working with narrative

Some operatives apply themselves and have high ambitions.


  1.           C. J. Black©β



If The Cap Fits.


  1. C. J. Black

Today, I thought I’d have a MINI rant

Something with a political slant?

Promises made are designed to be broken

In the politicians mind they are seen as a token?


Bait to attract the voter in

But in their heart of hearts they know its spin

Lies and innuendos they are quite good at that

Promise you the world then treat you like a door mat.


This is not aimed at any specific grouping

Across all continents they can be found snooping –

Feathering their nests from taxes gathered

By civil servants, are they real or manufactured?


Swanning around in their flash cars

Banqueting in plush hotels and bars

Untouchables who roam the corridors of power

Is it any wonder we are sinister, turning sour?


They all have us by the short “n” curlies, not meaning to be sinister

Incorporating both Government and the assorted clerical minister

But that dear reader, is a debate for another day?

Perhaps you wish to respond and have your say?


I’ve had my say, so on that note

It is down to you to cast your vote

I was prompted to write this, I’ll not reveal my source

After all I’m just an ordinary punter without political recourse.


“Don’t be a shrinking violet, put yourself out there, be seen

It is the only cure when you wish to vent your spleen”

  1.                          C. J. Black ©β

Wednesday, 08 April 2015