A Tightrope Walker.


  1. C. J. Black

In the art of poetry writing, I consider myself to be a Funambulist

Always on the lookout for a high wire if you get the gist?

Stepping out into the unknown in search of the Holy Grail

But always making sure there is a safety net should I chance to fail.


I may write at times as though appearing to be blind folded

You may never see my errors, they will be correct and moulded

Practice makes perfect, you never see a tightrope walker in a flap

They will have their act well honed, you’d miss it if you had a cat nap?


When ensconced in my writing den

It is I admit only then

I enjoy being a Funambulist

Writing poetry with a little twist.


  1.                 C. J. Black©β




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