One Foot in the Grave.


  1. C. J. Black

Is there anything more uplifting than laughter that’s infectious?

Is it not the best medication, its effect can be miraculous?

The source, really it does not matter once you feel the vibe

The feeling which I get – I’ll admit, is so hard to describe.


Sometimes it’s silly humour that really strikes a chord

Other times its reading matter that undoubtedly does the trick

Irrespective of the source, just like the twin blade sword

Comedy with a cutting edge, to be great must be slick?


I guess we all have our favourites, when we want our spirits raised

The zaniness of Black Adder & Dad’s Army are two that come to mind

The Two Ronnie’s along with Tommy Cooper they too must be praised

One could not omit Around the Horne or the Goons that would be so unkind.


What prompted this poem I must admit, was a shot of Morecombe & Wise

For slickness if nothing more, they would have to get first prize

When you are feeling down and out who gives you a lift?

Whoever does the trick of lifting us up when we are down, we are thankful for your gift.


Can’t sign off without a mention of the man with the tickling stick

Doddy and his Diddy Men – Now there is slick.


  1.     C. J. Black©β



10 thoughts on “One Foot in the Grave.

  1. Dave allen and spike milligan of old, and modern family for brand new laughs. There is little in life as perfect as a belly laugh.
    This post made me want to google Dave allen on God for a quick fix. 🙂

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  2. You are so right. Nothing beats a good laugh. Robin Williams used to do it for me. And Peter Sellers and John Cleese. Last weekend I went to see Bill Maher. He’s an American commedian and political satirist, does stand up and also has a very politically incorrect (and fabulous ) TV show on HBO. He was in Toronto and I literally howled with laughter for an hour and a half.

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  3. This is so strange Chris. I left a comment. Then I was asked to sign it, with my name, email and url. Then I was asked for my password. That got me to your blog but my comment wasn’t there. Sorry but I just don’t have it in me to repeat it all. WordPress is becoming a bit of a pain, sorry to say.


      1. Me too, because now the comment is there. It is too bizarre. Usually when you post a comment it’s held for moderation but this was different than that. What do I know?? I liked your poem and that’s all. Technology tires me out sometimes 🙂

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