It must be Monday!

Allow your fingers do the talking.

Greasy fingers in the till seems today to be the norm

It would appear to honest Bob, that those at it have real form?

How they have the brass neck to continue to mix and mingle

It would appear that they give no thought either plural or single.

As they parade their wares in public appearing not to give a damn

Holding up two fingers it seems they always have a scam –

In place to fall back on, not caring who they hurt

Showing all and sundry what they are really worth

Some have gone from riches to rags and back to riches again

Not seeming to give a monkey on whom they inflict real pain.

Friends and family stand by them, one wonders why they do

Never will they keep greasy fingers out of someone else’s till – do they care who they screw?

Greed is an affliction or perhaps an addiction, that gives that constant push –

To those who have capital and give the impression they are flush.


The Bankers, who offer multi million euro loans

Do not want to listen to sad stories, moans or groans?

They just want these people, sign on the dotted line

Then they will come a hunting when businesses are in decline.


The law they will try to flout while moving cash about

Playing at bankrupt here and there and looking for an easy out.

The ordinary hard working Joe and Joan find it hard to understand

How these people can still walk tall while walking on quick sand?

It does not matter how much we mere mortals give out, or how loud we bitch

Those who live in cloud cuckoo land will always give the impression they are rich.

They are so accustomed now to rich living and portraying the high life

Some, it’s rumoured have mistresses as well as keeping a family and wife.

Living in the real world is something they can’t comprehend?

The only time they seem content is when they can spend and spend.

Blue collar, white collar or dressed in Charvet shirts

Are these people the real reason why systems continue to stink?

C.J. Black©β

Monday, 25 May 2015


My mind is Scrabbled.

Welcome additions???

  1. C. J. Black

Obvs there was a lot of hand clapping and lolzing out-loud

When these new words were added to the Scrabble in crowd

It really is dench that we have new additions for our word play

It won’t just be by word of cakehole – word will spread I’d say?


Slang words used in social media, and in general on the street

There are those who now use sexting when they wish to meet and greet

I can hear old fogies out there use expletives we must bleep

When their opponent accumulates points with facetime, hashtag and tweep.


Progress, where would we be without it?

I 4 1 embrace it – if you don’t you’ll be left in the mire!

If you are a word and were unlucky enough to miss out, on the latest Collins Scrabble word list

Hold your breath, don’t fret your time will come – I wouldn’t feel that put out!


To those in the know this question probably is absurd

But what is shizzle – could it really be a word??


  1. C. J. Black©β

Saturday, 23 May 2015







A Resurrection.

Me and my Shadow.

  1. C. J. Black

My-self and Fictitious Clancy, while out one day hill walking

Decided we should collaborate, try do a little writing instead of rubbish talking

I asked Fictitious to concentrate his mind on a certain subject

Then we’d both sit down try and write a poem on that given topic.


Now Fictitious could be at times a rather deep thinker, then other times, be quite profound –

So he suggested – compose a piece on why people in this day and age, so many are rotund

I didn’t feel over confident in writing on this subject, which could be quite offensive?

When I put this to Fictitious he went on the defensive.


He said with his usual smirk – why should I be the one to always choose?

Are you afraid to step out of my shadow for fear that you may lose?

Now just to put you in the picture we have never had a falling out

We would always adjourn to our local snug, argue it out over a couple of pints of stout.


Then when the air was cleared we’d both head for home

Clap ourselves on the back – result another poem?

So there you are its simple, just let your fingers do the talking

Jot down each thought that comes into your head, especially when out walking.


As you can see from our ramblings, Fictitious and I are amateurs at this game

So go to it, give it your best shot, and remember, you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

So until the next time from my-self and Fictitious Clancy

We look forward to reading your masterpiece – who knows it might just well also tickle our fancy?

  1. C. J. Black©β

29th October 2012






A Positve Addiction.

Hooked on Word of the Day.

  1. C. J. Black.

Here I was floundering – all at sea (out in the poetry garden)

Mind in turmoil – I turned to the poetry tree (seeking pardon).


It was as though I had been thrown – a lifebuoy filled with words

I grabbed at it valiantly – words filled this skin of gourds.


I did most of my learning at the University of Life

Learned very little at “real school” where I got nothing only strife.


But that’s a story for another time

When I find something positive to write in rhyme?


While we’re alive we should live life to the full (we will be dead for long enough)

Who knows but “life” at our destination could turn out to be quite dull.


We were born into this world

But are we really of this world?


What I am familiar with is comforting

Then I happen on somethings which are alien!


For years I walked the byways of life, I was a “nobody”

Now I am a purveyor of words?


Do people really marry for love or perhaps alimony?

I am coupled with my Quill, will this earn me money?


Sitting in the doorway moving my chair following the sun

In some foreign country – a holiday maker on the run.


My work is to write – to sow a seed

Unlikely then that a Laisse Faire attitude might succeed?


I never know the result I’ll get –

When I mess around with the Ouija Board that is the alphabet.


Suffering from Word of the Day addiction?

Consider it a comfort and not an affliction.


They (words) may not always be fitted in a place that they’d call home

For making grammatical errors, I am very prone?

  1. C. J. Black©β

Tuesday, 19 May 2015



An Express Release.

Heralding in another day.

  1. C. J. Black

He sat pondering on what he might say

It was a damp and dreary Friday

Nothing for it only wordplay

To herald in another day

This should take his mind off the elements

What was written, really did it have to make sense?

As long as this exercise kept him occupied

Did it really matter, to himself he sighed

Get something down on paper, occupy the mind

Anything at all to get you out of this bind

There were outdoor chores to be done

For those, you needed a warm dry day and of course, some sun

By the appearance of the day, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon

The elements he thought would not his day ruin

So he took to his saviour, his trusty Quill

Multiple words onto a page he would spill

It mattered not what form they took

He really didn’t give a care.

I’ll consider writing, numbering each page

Taking this poem then stage by stage

Composing is not always simple you know –

I tell myself – but after committing to it I must have something to show

Everyone has their own approach would this be correct to surmise?

This will never be on a Noble list, I’m not one for compromise

Having fun juggling words about gets the juices flowing

Keep the pedal to the mettle or if in a boat keep rowing

Write trivia for as long as it takes, never doubt your capability

Your poem can take any form – forget about rigidity

You can get into the nitty gritty at a later stage

Just be thankful for the fact that now you’ve filled an A4 page.

  1. C. J. Black©β

15/05/2015 15:02:31

Duncannon Beach, evening time

Kevin Connelly

Duncannon Beach, evening time

The light by the last wave lingers on fronds

of seaweed fingering wave-wet rocks where

brim-filled pools overflow before they

empty when the water surges then sucks,

surges, then sucks. Small anemones first

finger gently, then kiss hungrily as

they sluice down passing plankton too fine for

my eyes, which greedily feast on the sands

glistening, sunwarmed, lit by the last

light of day while slow footsteps meander

with the gentle waves rhythms, rising, falling,

so calming in my ears, that crest falling

with an almost silent swish, hearbeat’s grace,

footfall pace, soothing place. Salt scented air

embraces me, wrapping me, comforting me.

All troubles tumbled away calmed first,

washed by light where the last wave lingers.

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*It is impossible to say just what I mean!


  1. C. J. Black

Here I was floundering – all at sea out in the poetry garden

Mind in turmoil – sitting beneath the poetry tree seeking pardon –

It was as though I had been thrown a lifeline – a lifebuoy filled with words

I grabbed at it valiantly – (it) manufactured from the skin of gourds.


The fruits of my labour were showing signs of blooming

Words planted on a this page I can continue grooming

By the time I have concluded I should have a tasty dish?

This is quite apposite to what is going on here once I’ve found the right ingredient.


Kneading the dough and moistening it with alphabet soup

Words will be its essence I must then place them in a group –

So when I wish to choose a word it will be close at hand

And this poem will give food for thought, be made difficult to understand.


What inspired me to write this poem? – In Memory of W. B. Yeats –

A poem by W. H. Auden another of those poetic greats

“The death of the poet was kept from his poems”

“He disappeared in the dead of winter: “Earth, received an honoured guest:

  1.   C. J. Black©β

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

*A line from – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot.