My mind is Scrabbled.

Welcome additions???

  1. C. J. Black

Obvs there was a lot of hand clapping and lolzing out-loud

When these new words were added to the Scrabble in crowd

It really is dench that we have new additions for our word play

It won’t just be by word of cakehole – word will spread I’d say?


Slang words used in social media, and in general on the street

There are those who now use sexting when they wish to meet and greet

I can hear old fogies out there use expletives we must bleep

When their opponent accumulates points with facetime, hashtag and tweep.


Progress, where would we be without it?

I 4 1 embrace it – if you don’t you’ll be left in the mire!

If you are a word and were unlucky enough to miss out, on the latest Collins Scrabble word list

Hold your breath, don’t fret your time will come – I wouldn’t feel that put out!


To those in the know this question probably is absurd

But what is shizzle – could it really be a word??


  1. C. J. Black©β

Saturday, 23 May 2015