It must be Monday!

Allow your fingers do the talking.

Greasy fingers in the till seems today to be the norm

It would appear to honest Bob, that those at it have real form?

How they have the brass neck to continue to mix and mingle

It would appear that they give no thought either plural or single.

As they parade their wares in public appearing not to give a damn

Holding up two fingers it seems they always have a scam –

In place to fall back on, not caring who they hurt

Showing all and sundry what they are really worth

Some have gone from riches to rags and back to riches again

Not seeming to give a monkey on whom they inflict real pain.

Friends and family stand by them, one wonders why they do

Never will they keep greasy fingers out of someone else’s till – do they care who they screw?

Greed is an affliction or perhaps an addiction, that gives that constant push –

To those who have capital and give the impression they are flush.


The Bankers, who offer multi million euro loans

Do not want to listen to sad stories, moans or groans?

They just want these people, sign on the dotted line

Then they will come a hunting when businesses are in decline.


The law they will try to flout while moving cash about

Playing at bankrupt here and there and looking for an easy out.

The ordinary hard working Joe and Joan find it hard to understand

How these people can still walk tall while walking on quick sand?

It does not matter how much we mere mortals give out, or how loud we bitch

Those who live in cloud cuckoo land will always give the impression they are rich.

They are so accustomed now to rich living and portraying the high life

Some, it’s rumoured have mistresses as well as keeping a family and wife.

Living in the real world is something they can’t comprehend?

The only time they seem content is when they can spend and spend.

Blue collar, white collar or dressed in Charvet shirts

Are these people the real reason why systems continue to stink?

C.J. Black©β

Monday, 25 May 2015