A proper joker.

Worth every penny?

  1. C. J. Black.

Today was a nonsense writing day

Which left my brain frazzled and me in disarray

I started out with a perfect line?

Which of this poem I hoped would be its spine.


But I soon found myself running out of track

With no chance in the world of turning back

Where to from here the little voice screamed

This dilemma would have to be somehow redeemed.


Speaking with forked tongue is something I do well

A lie to you, would I ever tell?

A proper diamond in the rough

My forte is, hang in tough.


Writing nonsense, is a skill in itself?

One day perhaps my nonsense book will adorn a shelf?

Purchase it if you are able

When read, use it to prop up your wonky coffee table!


Pulling the pin in this hand grenade

Leaves me totally dismayed

The realisation has just hit me of what I have achieved

I’ve just completed a proper nonsense poem, I feel so relieved.


  1. C. J. Black©β





Giving this poem a pulse.

While the heart is still beating.


There are poems which should be read ‘Sotto Voce’

This perhaps is such a poem – I so enjoy word play!


I must try and craft a poem-

If only I could find a place to start.

Perhaps the ideal place would be

To look inside my heart.


I am but flesh and blood

With thoughts that appear, some bad, others good.

So I never know when I sit to write

Whether my words on a page will offend or delight.


But to express such thoughts I feel duty bound

Irrespective of how they sound.

Once I have laid them on a page

I release them, perhaps it’s you they were meant to engage?

  1. C. J. Black©β






Empty wallet syndrome.

Screwing the system

If only one could find a job

Earn oneself an honest bob

Give up this being on the dole

Dig oneself out of this black hole

Unemployment is a drag

Being on the dole is not my bag

Rising in the morning with nothing to do

Is it any wonder that the system some people screw?

Unemployment destroys the soul

It’s an embarrassment for many to be on the dole

It’s not that people are afraid of work

They also recoil when referred to as a jerk

So politicians, you with all your clout

Remember its work we want and not your manufactured hand out.

C.J. Black©β





A Rose by any other name.

Dressed in petals pink.

What a pose this summer rose

Standing most exquisite

Outstanding there among the thorns

Dressed in petals pink

Basking in the summer sun

Honeysuckle bee alights

Takes a sample then takes flight

Returns again spends some extra time

A picture that is so divine

To sit relaxed in a wicker chair

In summer months without a care

Inhaling the sweet perfume

Of summer roses in full bloom.


C.J. Black©β


Enniscorthy Strawberry, Culture & Food Fest 2015


The 48th Strawberry Fest is about Wexford strawberries, the All-Ireland Farmers Market Competition and the County Show providing food, cooking demos, competitions and family events.

The festivities get underway from Wednesday June 24th and run until Sunday June 28th inclusive.

The opening night sees the Strawberry Ball take place and the Strawberry Queen Competition is launched with an all-Wexford produced four-course dinner, dancing and colleens competing to win the coveted Strawberry Queen Crown.

Picking up some Strawberries ahead of the Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford this weekend is Amelia Harrington age 4 at Wheelock’s Fruit Farm, for festival details see visitwexford.ie – photograph Patrick Browne. Picking up some Strawberries ahead of the Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford this weekend is Amelia Harrington age 4 at Wheelock’s Fruit Farm, for festival details see visitwexford.ie – photograph Patrick Browne.

The Princesses meet and greet visitors at the various food and fun venues on Saturday from the Nevin Maguire Cookery Demonstrations at the County Show to A Taste of Wexford Strawberries Homecook & Chef Competitions.

All weekend the best of Ireland and Wexford food…

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Following the vapour trail.

No excess baggage.

It’s the holiday season so be jolly

Enjoy splashing out the hard earned lolly

Lying off on some sunny beach

Mobile phone switched off – out of reach

All electric gadgets 3 hours flight away

For 7 days you’ll be free to play

Wake up on day 3 you’re mind in a complete mess

You can’t live without your gadgets so this problem you address

Speaking with the lady at hotel reception, you explain your case

You have to quickly get to a key board so as you can touch base

Job now done you can relax, nothing has changed in those 3 days

So back now to holiday mode to continue your forays

Why do we allow gadgets to dictate our lives to such an extent?

That question you ask yourself having purchased a gadget – money well spent?

This mental thing of I just can’t be without –

You are now more comfortable in yourself when you’re out and about?

Next time you plan your holiday remember – pack your gadget

Even if you never use it at least you will not fret?

  1. C. J. Black©β

Tuesday, 23 June 2015







Summery Haiku


  1. C. J. Black


Pollen is a curse

Summer brings glorious sunshine

Skin changes colour


Wind whistling through June

Blossoms dress the patios

Swallows duck and dive


Greet the day smiling

Walking in the mid-day sun

Vapour trails on high


Lazing by the pool

Watching the summer sun set

Pina Colada


  1. C. J. Black©β

Thursday, 18 June 2015



As rare as hens teeth.

The Gentle Dental.

  1. C. J. Black.

“Nothing sucks seeds like a gummy budgie”?

A brief extract from my poem “The Gentle Dental”

Trying to find poetic words, is as painful at times as that nagging tooth ache

Then other times it’s as though the thought process has gone numb.

Then suddenly I get this vision, as if I had been ascribed an injection

A glaring spotlight descends, I close my eyes and probe my inner thoughts

The abscess must be lanced to release what is to be transcribed

“The Gentle Dental” will get a qualified result?

The pain will be eased and even though the numbness remains –

You are happy in yourself that the probing for filling out your poem –

Was indeed worth it and did not dent your ring of confidence.

“False-teeth you can wear with a confident smile, while false promises are something you can do without in the writer”

Wisdom is something I’m badly lacking in – must be something to do also with teeth??


“Nothing sucks seeds like a gummy budgie, so I’m reliably informed”

But I have my doubts, if it got false teeth would its life be so transformed?

Hanging there in its gilded cage

Depositing onto a Red Top page

That. Without getting any satisfaction

While the human in their privacy gets the opposite from their action?

All very cryptic you might well think

But where the writer is concerned – always thankful for a link?

If you wish to criticise, do be gentle

Address your criticism c/o The “Gentle Dental”

  1. C. J. Black©β

Wednesday, 17 June 2015




Back In The Groove.

Diatribe Perhaps?

  1. C. J. Black

I am a poet down in the gutter

Because a word I cannot utter.


Not a word to dress a page

Its soul destroying when you can’t engage.


When you eventually hit that imaginary wall

You hit it hard and there you sprawl?


You lie prostrate, not a move

Waiting for that moment you get back in the groove.


Who knows how long that will take?

Before once again you undertake

To sit down and transcribe

It may well be diatribe?

What the scribe in you will manifest –

Its contents may well be hard to digest

As words start to flow with rapid ease

Have you found a cure for your non-writing disease?


C.J. Black©β

Friday, 12 June 2015