A Costa Coffee Moment.

During my coffee break.

  1. C. J. Black.

There was an agitated knocking upon my Den door

Opening it, word pushed passed me left me sprawling on the floor

Where have you been I gasped, gingerly picking myself up?

I was hiding out in the poetry garden, you hardly think I’d fly the coop?


Great I thought, another one to add to my word collection

I now have a real dolly mixture, a spectacular selection –

Hopefully once I sit down a new poem to compose

I’ll breathe life into what turns out to be a rather precious rose.


Something to be admired – of which the reader can engage –

Once they pick up my poetry book and find you on a page

I mean what more can the poet ask than to be fondly handled

Even though from afar I’ll never know it, I may well be handily fondled?


“Purely in an artistic sense I must quickly add –

It’s getting hot under the collar here – I guess I’ve enough said”


  1. C. J. Black©β




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