As rare as hens teeth.

The Gentle Dental.

  1. C. J. Black.

“Nothing sucks seeds like a gummy budgie”?

A brief extract from my poem “The Gentle Dental”

Trying to find poetic words, is as painful at times as that nagging tooth ache

Then other times it’s as though the thought process has gone numb.

Then suddenly I get this vision, as if I had been ascribed an injection

A glaring spotlight descends, I close my eyes and probe my inner thoughts

The abscess must be lanced to release what is to be transcribed

“The Gentle Dental” will get a qualified result?

The pain will be eased and even though the numbness remains –

You are happy in yourself that the probing for filling out your poem –

Was indeed worth it and did not dent your ring of confidence.

“False-teeth you can wear with a confident smile, while false promises are something you can do without in the writer”

Wisdom is something I’m badly lacking in – must be something to do also with teeth??


“Nothing sucks seeds like a gummy budgie, so I’m reliably informed”

But I have my doubts, if it got false teeth would its life be so transformed?

Hanging there in its gilded cage

Depositing onto a Red Top page

That. Without getting any satisfaction

While the human in their privacy gets the opposite from their action?

All very cryptic you might well think

But where the writer is concerned – always thankful for a link?

If you wish to criticise, do be gentle

Address your criticism c/o The “Gentle Dental”

  1. C. J. Black©β

Wednesday, 17 June 2015



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