Following the vapour trail.

No excess baggage.

It’s the holiday season so be jolly

Enjoy splashing out the hard earned lolly

Lying off on some sunny beach

Mobile phone switched off – out of reach

All electric gadgets 3 hours flight away

For 7 days you’ll be free to play

Wake up on day 3 you’re mind in a complete mess

You can’t live without your gadgets so this problem you address

Speaking with the lady at hotel reception, you explain your case

You have to quickly get to a key board so as you can touch base

Job now done you can relax, nothing has changed in those 3 days

So back now to holiday mode to continue your forays

Why do we allow gadgets to dictate our lives to such an extent?

That question you ask yourself having purchased a gadget – money well spent?

This mental thing of I just can’t be without –

You are now more comfortable in yourself when you’re out and about?

Next time you plan your holiday remember – pack your gadget

Even if you never use it at least you will not fret?

  1. C. J. Black©β

Tuesday, 23 June 2015







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