Giving this poem a pulse.

While the heart is still beating.


There are poems which should be read ‘Sotto Voce’

This perhaps is such a poem – I so enjoy word play!


I must try and craft a poem-

If only I could find a place to start.

Perhaps the ideal place would be

To look inside my heart.


I am but flesh and blood

With thoughts that appear, some bad, others good.

So I never know when I sit to write

Whether my words on a page will offend or delight.


But to express such thoughts I feel duty bound

Irrespective of how they sound.

Once I have laid them on a page

I release them, perhaps it’s you they were meant to engage?

  1. C. J. Black©β






2 thoughts on “Giving this poem a pulse.

  1. We never know how anyone will respond to what we put out there and most of the time I am surprised by reactions. When you least expect it …


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