A proper joker.

Worth every penny?

  1. C. J. Black.

Today was a nonsense writing day

Which left my brain frazzled and me in disarray

I started out with a perfect line?

Which of this poem I hoped would be its spine.


But I soon found myself running out of track

With no chance in the world of turning back

Where to from here the little voice screamed

This dilemma would have to be somehow redeemed.


Speaking with forked tongue is something I do well

A lie to you, would I ever tell?

A proper diamond in the rough

My forte is, hang in tough.


Writing nonsense, is a skill in itself?

One day perhaps my nonsense book will adorn a shelf?

Purchase it if you are able

When read, use it to prop up your wonky coffee table!


Pulling the pin in this hand grenade

Leaves me totally dismayed

The realisation has just hit me of what I have achieved

I’ve just completed a proper nonsense poem, I feel so relieved.


  1. C. J. Black©β






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