At War with my thoughts.

Murder and Mayhem.

  1. C. J. Black

Write a ‘Dark’ poem – I don’t imagine I could-

A poem that would make you shed, tears as red as blood

I have never attempted to write a poem of this kind-

But to add another string to my bow, should I feel inclined?


A poem, about the slaughter of the innocent worldwide

Or the murder and the mayhem closer to home – hard to decide

Is it right to stand in judgement of the actions of another?

How can a son or daughter take a knife and kill their mother?


Planting a bomb, never giving any thought

Of the end result – families left distraught

A suicide bomber on a crowded street

A promise at the time of death – virgins they will meet?


Surely those who are called to perform such an evil deed

Realise the consequences of their actions, whether they fail or succeed.

In times of war who defines who is your enemy?

Is the word peace written out of the war-lords dictionary?


The civilian on the street who then dons a uniform

What possesses them to go and kill – it’s really not the norm.

Do those sitting in their ivory towers-

Feel the pain and suffering inflicted by their powers.


Write a ‘Dark’ poem, I doubt I was built for this would you agree?

But not to try and express myself would be remiss of me.

  1. C. J. Black©β Friday, 03 July 2015



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