A Novel poem perhaps?

A poem with a Hook.

I’m a total amateur in the art of writing

I just wish I could write a novel – something quite exiting.


Something along the lines perhaps of 50 shades of Grey

But I know that will never happen or there would be hell to pay!


There would be journalists everywhere chasing after me

Ignoring my calls for peace and quiet and keeping my anonymity.


Could I handle fame? Well I’d like to give it a try

Do a J. K. Rowling on it, use a pseudonym to get by?


But the way the journalist probes, I doubt I’d stand a chance

They’d shop you to the world without a second glance?


But hey, honestly don’t we all crave that 15 minutes of fame?

Life is a gamble so participate in the game.


The BUZZ that goes with being in the limelight

Must be a marvellous experience? Being centre stage under that famous spotlight.


I may as well sit here and scribble – continue to scratch my head

I’ll get a poem out of this piece yet – before putting it to bed.


  1. C. J. Black©β



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