Bitter Sweet Music.

“Cream tangerine and montelimar”

  1. C. J. Black.

Peggy Curley the proprietress of “Curlers” the main Hair Salon in the village of Greyhed was feeling very excited as she readied herself – a date with Ronnie Spratt who was a well-respected member of the fishing community who resided in the nearby village of Castway.

As fate would have it he made an appointment to have his hair cut this particular Saturday while on his way home from town.

He had slipped in – as he’d say himself to buy a fresh shirt in readiness for the night out.

Zorba’s Magic Circus was visiting Castway and everyone he talked to was going either as a family, with friends or partners.

At the appointed time he arrived to have the “makeover”

Peggy Curley was free and took him in hand.

As is the way in all Salons I guess, small talk ensues?

Chat about the weather, news of the day, local gossip if you’re lucky enough, what sort of cut would you like, fancy a coffee – milk, sugar?

Both seemed very relaxed in their conversation – He thinking should I ask her?

Perhaps she would think to herself now he’s very forward – but as he was here now – hair only half cut there was no escaping – so he asked the direct question – married or single?

He could feel the scissors pause in mid cut – but almost immediately she answered – free and single no ties what so ever.

She caught a hint of his smile in the mirror, yourself she asked – ah the same he said, I’m told I’m married to the Lady Mae.

Lady Mae she asked – yes he said she’s my fishing boat, a beauty – have you ever been on a fishing boat?

No she replied, but I once went to the Isle of Man on a ferry – they both laughed.

Silently they were both thinking this is going well.

She was tidying up loose ends so to speak when he said, the circus is visiting my home village tonight would you be free and interested in a date for the night?

She didn’t have to give it a second thought.

Certainly she said – so arrangements were made.

Her next appointment arrived – she was “A Million Miles Away” – it was a cut and colour – one of her regulars, so she knew conversation would be scarce this was a blessing in itself as she was in “Dreamtime”

They met at the appointed time and place and off they went, the excitement was palpable as they walked hand in hand for the Big Tent.

The hour and a half passed in a flash, neither wanting it to end when the circus lights dimmed.

He said, there is music in the pub up the road if you are in the mood – she was definitely in the mood.

On the walk to the pub she asked Robbie, where is your boat moored?

He thought to himself – result.

It’s only about a 15 minute walk from here, if you are interested I’d be delighted to give you the grand tour of the Lady Mae – perhaps we could go to the pub first she said and visit Lady Mae later, fine by me he said.

The pub was packed with weekend revellers – Robbie went to the bar ordered the drinks – Forked Lightening were the entertainment for the night a band he knew well – they would get audience members up to perform during their gig.

About an hour into their set Robbie got the noble call – what will it be tonight Robbie? Something to impress that good looking lady you had on your arm coming in earlier I expect – it has to be “The Song” Ronnie said – “The Mingulay Boat Song”

Even though they had only met a short few hours earlier the locals in the pub were talking about them as the perfect couple.

The band struck up and Ronnie was in his element, no Elvis impersonations tonight so someone shouted.

Peggy sat enthralled, in her head “Dancing with The Moonlit Knight”

Suddenly and without warning there was a blinding flash of light –

Peggy and the packed bar were enveloped in a “Kind Of Hell”

What a “Cruel Symmetry” fate again interrupting the beginning of a beautiful relationship – there was Robbie electrocuted – killed instantly.

Just “Inches and Falling” into the open arms of Peggy.

  1. C. J. Black©β                                                                 

The rights of all artists is acknowledged in the use of titles and song words used throughout this text.

“The Song” by Riversea.                                               “A Million Miles Away” by Edison’s Children.

“Dancing With The Moonlit Knight” by Genesis.                               “Dreamtime” by Doomtrain.

“The Mingulay Boat Song” by Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5.

“Cruel Symmetry” by Argos.

“A Kind of Hell” by Mike Kershaw.

“Inches and Falling” by The Format.

“Cream tangerine and montelimar” – A line from Savoy Truffle by George Harrison.

Thanks to a playlist from a Titus Jennings radio playlist – More Music Radio.




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