Living in the shadow of fear.

Suffer little children.

Living in this wonderful but rather weird world gives one cause to sometimes worry when so called leaders of peoples act in diabolical ways.

What causes them to create such havoc and fear in people is something hard to comprehend and quite impossible to defend it must be stressed.

Every other day seems to bring to light another catastrophic episode in the life of innocent people both young and old, the mentality of those on the ground who carry out such deeds seem not to be for questioning by parties looking in from the outside.

When they have the temerity to question it appears especially to the naked eye that the real truth can not or will not be broadcast for those on the outside to pass judgement, one must offer a great deal of gratitude to those brave medics and reporters who hit the ground running to expose such travesties at absolute risk to life and limb.

Living in my own little cocoon away far away from these happenings, I guess like thousands more I flick over newspaper pages and switch radio/TV channels away from scenes of destruction and sights of body bags and open graves, helpless as how to offer support except to offer up a prayer to which ever God one believes in for the innocent who suffer.

Let me round off by posing the often asked question and possibly starting another debate, if there really is a God why this continuous slaughter of the innocent?

  1. C. J. Black©β


3 thoughts on “Living in the shadow of fear.

  1. Very well said, Chris. And you ask a very good question. One I keep asking myself over and over and over again. Truly, much as I want to believe everything happens for a reason, I cannot see any possible reason for these atrocities. Nor can I understand how any God could allow this to happen. The world is in a terrible state.

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