Treasured accessories.

Leftover from another era.

  1. C. J. Black

A pair of tan leather cowboy boots

Cuban heels, wear them now as a recluse?

Not the style of skinheads

City slickers, or those teds

Lie at the bottom of a clothes press

With a blue check shirt and jeans to dress.

None will ever see again the light of day

It pains my Achy Breaky Heart to have to say.

They have moved with me now, for neigh fifty years

To remove them now would I shed salty tears?

I doubt it, as they hold no treasured memories

But why would I remove such aged accessories?

Their time will come around again as sure as God made little apples

The wearer probably will be scoffed at by those wearing Jesus sandals?

Once when they were all the trend no remarks were passed

But trends are just that, and will continue to be in the past

But my leftovers will have a place of their own, as long as I’m around

I may just have to take them with me, when I’m going underground-

Or else for them will be found, an informal burial place

That is the reason they’ll come with me when I have run my race.

Leftovers from another era I am told just add to the clutter

But they are better where they are now and not discarded in the gutter.


  1. C. J. Black©β

Thursday, 23 July 2015


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