Alphabetically speaking.

Spinning a web to ensnare someone.

  1. C. J. Black.

The silence, on entering my writing den

Astounds me again and again.

Sitting alone listening to nothing but my heart beating

Listening intently, I can hear that spider breathing!


Caught up in this web of silence

Away, miles away from the outside world of violence

By the light of the moon, watching cigar shaped clouds sail by

I heave a long contented sigh.


Situations such as this, assist the writer in me

Being honest with myself, it does not always guarantee –

A result to satisfy this being

Weaving a patchwork quilt of words can be awe inspiring?

Urging me on in my quest

To give of my very best

Each time I take my Quill in hand

Knowing I will obey its command

Can indeed be most gratifying

Expressing oneself through the alphabet is so satisfying.


Going in search of the answer is not the answer I believe

It will take a lot more than that, this poem to conceive?

Picture whitecaps out at sea for a poetic theme

This concept can then be transformed into a poetic scene

Now your blank canvas looks a lot more inviting

The prospect of the finished product now is a lot more exciting.


What started out as a monkey puzzle many lines ago?

Has been knocked into place blow by blow by blow.


“I try to be solution focussed at all times

This is not as easy as it reads when I am short on rhymes”


  1. C. J. Black©β

Friday, 24 July 2015

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