A Poem of indifference.

A Calming Influence.

  1. C. J. Black

Taking my place at my writing desk is just that –

A calming influence, makes me feel like an aristocrat?

In my head at any rate, no one else will know

Of that happy feeling inside, the inner glow

With that in mind I set to the task in hand

And write a poem on demand

At the insistence of my Muse

I must, for I don’t have a relative excuse

For not taking in hand my trusty Quill

And continue writing, that is until

I find I have no more to say

Or the thinking process falls into decay

Hopefully this will not come to pass

And that I can amass

Enough words a poem to construct

And come up with the finished product

For the whole picture is what is required

So continue I must while I feel inspired.

After much deliberation I feel I am now quite stable

With my surrounding accoutrements on my table

I believe now is the time

To write a poem which will hopefully rhyme

Here we go now without further ado

A poem which will shortly make its debut

For no other reason except it was my want

I christened this poem a Midnight Rant –

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a poem!!

Fancy what happens when I give my thoughts permission to roam

Time to draw the curtain on yet another day

Some will raise their eyes skywards – and in silence they will say

Now why did he not think like that at a much earlier stage?

We would not have had to tolerate his stuff desecrating a blank page

To you I say – you are not obliged to read

But you may assume the mantle of the critic – OH yes indeed

Once you are critical for all the right reasons

Feel free to read all I write across the four seasons

I won’t be distracted nor will I take umbrage

If you drop off the planet – There are plenty more whom I will engage?

You will no doubt, find a genre that suits your delicate palate

I hope its shelves away from mine – So that you, I will not further frustrate.

Now that I have got this off my chest

I can lay my head down and comfortably rest.

  1. C. J. Black. copyright of author.

Tuesday 4 August 2015



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