Oops! another green fly.

Following a lazy day.

  1. C. J. Black

I took a stroll by the river, Listening to it talk

A most relaxing exercise – one from which I never baulk

Added to this, birdsong, from the shelter of the trees

The rustling of the leaves – movement from a gentle breeze.


When seeking inspiration during daylight hours

This is the ideal location – whether in sunshine or in showers

The weather – whatever it brings could never be a distraction

Watching the fisherman wading out – casting his net, hoping for a reaction.


A Lady further down the bank – sketching

I’ll probably never see the end result – I’m sure it will be fetching

A family go ambling by seeking the perfect picnic spot

Another couple settle nearby, with their multifunctional carry cot.


While I take out my note pad – then taking pen in hand

On all the activities going on about me – I try quietly to expand

Being honest with myself – it is not at all difficult

With the pleasantries surrounding me – I need no one with which to consult.


This place of tranquillity, also a photographer’s paradise

Nature in all its glory of which everyone wants a slice

Of course you’ll have the “visitor” – with total disregard

For their fellow visitor and the environment, they have little or no regard


Always expecting others to do their dirty work

One wonders what their home environment is like – if they do this to natures walk

Scenes such as this I must admit drive me totally berserk

While others won’t leave a crumb behind – their play area will be white a chalk

“Do similar situations upset you – make you furious?

I’m not necessarily looking for an answer – just a tad curious”


  1.                        C. J. Black©β

                        Wednesday 5 August 2015



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