The beauty of nature.

The elderly crow.

  1. C. J. Black

Sitting here in the morning sunlight

Wagtails sipping from the dog’s water bowl

Swallows encouraging their young to leave the nest

Silvery cobwebs, with spiders working tirelessly

Birds alighting on walls feeding on “ants” not visible to the naked eye

Vapour trails, like six lane highways in the sky left by big silver birds

Listening to the chatter of two magpies on a nearby roof

An elderly looking crow balancing on a wire – vulture like.


A gentle breeze. The beauty of nature.

The dog moving in and out of shade and sunshine

His rest disturbed by a passer-by walking her dog

They forecast rain but at 10:00 this Friday morning – bright sunshine, cloudless sky

A busy bee seeking its next victim perhaps?

A fly just got entangled in a large spider web!!


  1.   C. J. Black©β

Friday 7 August 2015




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