Suddenly there is white smoke.

From the Word Factory.

  1.  C. J. Black

Looking for a reason to follow the writer’s path

My friend Quill acts at all times as my compass

Whenever I appear to get lost for words

Quill immediately comes to my assistance

Prompting me, never leading me astray

My Muse is also hovering, never a distraction

Having silent friends about when it comes time to write

Works very well for me, for others it’s quite the opposite.


Variation is a great motivator, keeps you on your toes

Trying out new writing challenges helps keep the mind fresh

Having attempted Haiku, Prose, Rhyme and various other form

Next step is finding someone to present them to

Someone who will scrutinise, be methodical

The truth never hurts, not knowing what you are doing wrong is frustrating.


  1.   C. J. Black©β

Saturday 8 August 2015





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