Paper never refuses ink.

To write or not to write.

C. J. Black

Now the adventure can begin – I think?

Once I dip friend Quill in ink

I should be able, once given time

To write a piece of poetic rhyme.


Letter writing, it appears is a thing of the past?

All this modern technology leaves me aghast

I enjoy the art of using freehand

Am I on my own in taking this stand?


To keep a written memory of your foreign holiday

Do you write postcards when you holiday away?

Akin to the piano player tinkling in black and white

Putting words onto a page encourages me to write.


How to keep the written word alive and allow it survive-

Is for writers of all genres to strive

Do what makes your heart sing

Promote the art of letter writing.


I firmly believe that all schools as well as their history and geography

On the curriculum should be placed the subject of Calligraphy

I know students are taught to read and write, which is right and proper

They should also be made realise that texting in no way will make them prosper.


There must also be a yearning by adults both young and old

To praise a child for trying, correct them if they error, do not scold

Education should never be viewed as a burden

Once they are started at an early age they will be keen to listen?

 Remaining neutral on this subject is I suggest to be negligent

It is essential only for referees to be neutral not just intelligent?

Sitting down to write, does it really matter what they conjure up

Once somewhere within their text they are selling more than a pup.


On that note I believe it’s time to call a halt

Maybe in time to come we writers will get the right result?

This may not be proper structure

Perhaps into the future?


  1.   C. J. Black©β

Monday 10 August 2015


4 thoughts on “Paper never refuses ink.

  1. I completely agree with you Chris. I also lament the loss of the well-written letter; and I worry that future generations will not be able to communicate in more than 40 characters or ever carry on a conversation. Saddest of all is, they’ll never know what they’re missing.

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  2. Excellent. I agree with fransiweinstein, I still write letters and, sadly, receive few responses, I loathe the text and tweet culture; greatly miss good conversation. Liked the poem, C.J., LOVED the title. I write everything by hand before typing and/or posting online (I suspect my children will wonder what to do with the boxes of notebooks one day). I write in pencil and then copy out with fountain pen (I have two parkers, one – blue ink for letters, the other – black ink for general writing like poetry and fiction). I think the idea of paper never refusing ink should be immortalised.


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