Calliphora vomitoria.

Blood on your hands!

  1.   C. J. Black.

Bluebottles they drive me crazy

The moment you put food on the table

They seem to appear out of nowhere

It’s not just my imagination?


You make a swipe at one

For a few moments they disappear

Only to go out and alert their friends

Back in they come in force.


Teasing you, hovering over food

Doing high dives from ceiling height

What annoying filthy creatures

You roll the newspaper make a swipe


With a satisfied smile you say

Ah, got one of you at least

Then that little voice sounds in your ear

Grandad you just killed one of God’s creatures.


You show outward guilt, I was only trying to frighten him

He collided with the paper!

Can we bury him grandad?

You think to yourself – with pleasure.


You gently scoop him off the floor

Place him in a paper tissue

Out to the nearest flower pot you go

Bury the creature, return to the kitchen

Fill the room full of fly spray

Leave quickly, closing the door firmly behind you.


  1.   C. J. Black©β

Tuesday 11 August 2015




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