“Memory feeds imagination”

  1.  C. J. Black.

My words on a page

About as useful as a chocolate teapot

I am willing to put it down to age

There are times my writing seems quite vague – other times I am hot to trot?


Having the courage of ones convictions

Something I learned many moons ago

Breaking down barriers, having no restrictions

Quite honestly it’s the right way to go.


Hitting on an idea on which to write

It need never have to have a grain of truth

Making it look believable at first sight

One wouldn’t have to be a word sleuth.


I am not really that great with words

I do believe it’s all about design

Can this poem get any more absurd?

Must learn to speak in dignity with that double timbre.


  1.  C. J. Black©β

Thursday 13 August 2015




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