Talk about frying your brain.

Thoughts of a keyboard warrior.

  1. C. J. Black.

*He strings words together like beads.

Always on the lookout for poetic leads

Happening on a line which then kicks him into gear

He feels compelled to borrow – never to demur.


Always giving credit to the author of the line

Should one always do so, never think should I decline?

Perhaps there are others with a different mind-set

Who continuously plagiarise – feeling no regret.


For all I know people may have borrowed words of mine

(Not ever suggesting I own words of course)

Here I openly forgive them – you see I have a spine?

Then in saying that – I could well be accusing someone in the wrong?

Plagiarism is rampant – especially in song?


If I had the time or the inclination to Google a line which I have written

Is there dare I ask, a slim chance I could be sorely bitten?

Perhaps such an action would cause my PC to overload?

Have you ever considered travelling down this road?


  1.  C. J. Black©β

Thursday 13 August 2015

*A line from a piece written by Michelle Dooley-Mahon©2015 after speed reading *Pools of Light (For the first time)

*Pools of Light – A recently published book of Poetry and Short Stories by author Kevin Connelly whose blog you can follow




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