A Lesson in –

How not to write a blockbuster.

  1. C. J. Black

This was said to me the other day – you’re really on a run

Trying hard to escape from Quill I said – if you’ll pardon the pun

Keep at they said success will come, even from writing something ordinary

My response to them was this – the only place I’ll find success is between succeed and succinct in the dictionary.


Yes success would be great if it came to pass

But I guess it’s designed for others and not for me alas

I write I tell simply, just for the therapy

I’m not in it for the arm around the shoulder or indeed the sympathy.


We should all write in order to keep the art alive

Unless you write a blockbuster, you must find other ways to survive

I’m old and grey enough to understand this

Not to alert others, now that of me would be amiss?


So please accept you are therefore alerted

Never fear that you are ever neglected

Even if what you write never sees the light of day

It really is a fun thing don’t you think, an escape from the real world – is word play.


If there was money to be made from trivia writing then I’d be a millionaire

People might even stop and point at me – some might even stare?

Ah, celebrity status now that would be a thrill

They might laud you from the highest mountain, or perhaps from a molehill?


There is so much more I could write, except I’m getting rather bored

I’m about to give this “poem” its freedom by snipping its umbilical cord.


“The outlook for writers would be rather bleak

If in time to come they outlawed writing tongue in cheek”


  1.  C. J. Black©β

Sunday 16 August 2015




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