I’m Moving House.

Hi all,

My new address from 2nd September 2015 will be @http://www.chrisblack2012.com.

Thank you for your company over the past years, look forward to greeting you at my new home, drop in when ever you’re passing and say hello – as I am only in the building stages tread carefully as I have not finalised my insurance cover!!


5 thoughts on “I’m Moving House.

  1. Love the look (and sound) of your new site. Congratulations, that was a lot of work. I have a question for you. I follow this blog but there doesn’t seem to be a “follow” button on the new one, or have I just missed it? I also have signed up for email alerts on this blog whenever you post something new. Can I do that with the new one?

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    1. Thank you Fransi, not long returned from holidaying in Sicily – trying hard to get motivated again, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches to some work I did while on holiday hope to have it ready in the next couple of days.

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  2. Can you put a link up? I know where you are but it would be easier if you linked this site to your new one. Is there a follow button or is it email only. I saw the email follow but I rarely use email to read blogs usually I read via wordpress reader.

    I called over and love the new look. Well done.

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