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Title: IPTN

Author: Irish Poetry Therapy Network

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The Internet, Online, 12/11/2015

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Welcome to Irish Poetry Therapy Network -IPTN, a non-profit organisation that provides an environment where participants explore at first hand, through the use of poetry therapy and bibliotherapy, the healing power of poetry and writing as a means of identifying and dealing with various life issues.

The Secret Garden

I wandered along the way,
collected seeds and bulbs.
gathered pebbles,
bright and dark
small and big.
While walking on a path,
a door opened on a secret garden.
I stepped in and unravelled a thread.
Slowly and consciously.



Planting seeds
Putting a stick in the ground
and tightening the thread around it.

I kept moving in different directions
going straight
Forming a circle


Planting seeds
Putting stick in the ground
and tightening the thread around it.

Then, I displayed…

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A Man Is Only As Good By Pat Boran


A man is only as good
as what he says to a dog
when he has to get up out of bed
in the middle of a wintry night
because some damned dog has been barking;

and he goes and opens the door
in his vest and boxer shorts
and there on the pock-marked wasteground
called a playing field out front
he finds the mutt with one paw

raised in expectation
and an expression that says Thank God
for a minute there I thought
there was no one awake but me
in this goddamned town

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The Muse Confused by Dennis Lange

The Bard on the Hill

It’s bad enough, that to another room,
I’ll walk with purpose and a steady stride,
And thought will flee like a reluctant groom
Into an unknown distant land and hide. 

But I’ve a fear that I will sometime think
Of what, to me, is the most perfect line,
And ere, on paper, it’s put down in ink,
Like vapor, it will vanish from my mind.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.


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