Una Meers – The Recital

The Galway Review

Una MeersUna Meers was born in Dublin. She has always enjoyed writing and many years ago won an award for her short story, The World Around Us. Family and work then took centre stage, but on retiring from Trinity College she has returned to writing short stories.
She now enjoys her life living part of the year in Dublin and the rest in a small village in the South of France.

The Recital

By Una Meers

In the Main Theatre of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, gifted students are privileged to play in concert for the hierarchy of the Academy. Parents are also invited to watch their children perform. I wait. My hands are clammy. Fear grips my stomach and I feel it’s going to go horribly wrong.
It is 1960. I am ten years old.
From the wings, my turn approaches. The smell of old pianos mixed with wood…

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