Tomorrow we rightly celebrate.

My thoughts on a page.

One hundred years ago, Easter Monday 1916 in case maths is not your strong point, Ireland changed forever. A group of approximately 1,200 Irishmen and women, led by seven leaders, took over various buildings in Dublin city. Outside the GPO they read the Irish Proclamation, flew the tri colour (the flag we still use today) and declared an Irish Republic. So began the Easter Rising as we know it. It led to intense fighting, before the British bombed the city and eventually forced the rebels to surrender. The Rising lasted all of six days. By the time it ended there were 12,000 British soldiers in Dublin. Over 500 dead, most of them civilians killed in the bombings. The leaders were executed over a period of nine days, along with others involved but the tide had turned. Republicanism was on the rise and within three years the first Dáil (Irish government)…

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