Four Women Who Died For Ireland: on the concept of involuntary patriotism, by William Wall

The Bogman’s Cannon

The following talk was present to the conference of the Irish Feminist Judging Project, a group of lawyers and legal and other academics that meets to redraft judgments from the Irish courts. I was privileged to share the platform on February 5th with poets Sarah Clancy and Kathy D’Arcy.

11236147_869052416542554_8732865541247559053_o.jpgFour women who died for Ireland

When I was a boy I was chosen from the eight people in my primary school class, three of whom were boys, to read, in public, in the village of Whitegate, The Proclamation of the Republic as part of the celebration of the 1916 Rebellion. This was 1966 and I was 11. In the lead-up to the celebrations we were filled chock-full of the martyrs of Irish history, a narrative that concentrated on our fitful record of rebellion against the Crown. That record was heavy with men who died for Ireland. We tended to start…

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