Writing Tip: Be Motivated for National Poetry Month – April 2016

Raja's Insight

Photo 7April may be the month for pranksters, nature lovers, and spring fanatics, but it is also a joy for poets as we celebrate National Poetry Month. It will be the 20th anniversary this year – inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. The month is a feast for poetry lovers with nationwide celebrations from schools, libraries, publishers, booksellers, and social media.

It is a time for writers to shine. We can do that by spreading poetry everywhere we go. Here are a few ways to motivate the poet in you:

  • Look out on social media and magazines for contests and prompts. It is a great time to get your name in the limelight if a page or publication decides to share your poems.
  • While going around town, keep a few pocket poems and tack them on billboards or hand them out to a stranger, family or friends. You…

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