In celebration. — C J Black

Poem for Enniscorthy. P eople O f E nniscorthy M odel citizens. F ought for freedom O verset at times they R allied to the cause. E stablishing themselves as N atural leaders. N ot withstanding I njustices S acrifices made locally and nationally in this C entenary year O rdinary folk…

via In celebration. — C J Black

Accentuate the positive …

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365 And Counting

A week or so ago I attended a fundraising event for Firefly Foundation, angel a charitable organization that funds research and develops programs with a mission to prolong brain health.

It was started by a friend and former colleague, after she lost both of her parents to brain related diseases. Another friend of mine, who lost her mother to

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Why can’t we be more like animals?

365 And Counting

Animals are so uncomplicated. They don’t ask for much. They needpals fresh food and water every day. They have to be walked. Their litter boxes have to be clean (or God help you.) And it goes without saying they need their annual physicals and shots.

But that’s just about it when it comes to maintenance.

All they really ask is that you love them. And they love you right back. Their love is simple

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My poem “South Side” published on Stirring + they are open for submissions!

Trish Hopkinson

I’m so pleased and honored to have my new poem “South Side” published in the April issue of Stirring.

Founded in 1999, by Sundress PublicationsStirring: A Literary Collection is one of the oldest continuously publishing journals on the internet. Stirring is a strictly electronic journal that publishes monthly issues on the first of each month.

Their April issue is a gorgeous variety of poetry, a short fiction piece, and a book review. Just enough reading to go with a couple of cups of coffee in the morning.

Read the complete issue of Stirring.


Stirring is always open for submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and photography. Turn-around time is great and usually less than three months and the editors are a pleasure to work with!

Click here for submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: Always open


FORMS: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography


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Three book deal with Poolbeg

Caroline Busher

Three book deal with Poolbeg Press


I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a three-book deal with Poolbeg Press. It really does prove that hard work and determination pay off in the end.

My first novel “The Ghosts of Magnificent Children” will be released in October. It has been described as a dark fairy tale with a magical twist that leaves the reader wanting more.

The Ghosts of Magnificent Children

The year is 1848. Four magnificent children are captured in London by Badblood’s magical circus: Theo, Ginny, Millie and Archie. They are taken to the Island of Innis Rua to live with the wicked Witcherly Sisters.

Theo can look into your eyes and see how you are going to die.  And Ginny is the girl with a bird called blue living inside her ribcage.

One hundred years later the ghosts of the magnificent children appear on the…

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Happy Birthday Pecker Dunne

Mannix Flynn

1st April 1933-19th December 2012

Pecker Dunne broke the mold.  He was one of the great liberators of the Travelling community and from the Travelling community. He was a fluent conversationalist and his wit and intelligence and expression could transform and transcend any company.

He was always a man who would stand up to prejudice and racism not just on behalf of his own community and himself but on behalf of others. He knew hardship and empathized with the hardships of many others outside of his own kind, own clan and own community.

If the word ‘hero’ applies to anything, well then it applies to Pecker Dunne and his epic life journey.  The testament to the man and his artistry, his humanity and his commitment to his community and family are a well-known legend and live on today through his children and his wife Madeline and indeed the very essence…

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