From beneath the shades. — C J Black

Putting off all those daily chores Why There is a brightly glowing ball High up in the sky Time all of us who suffer From the effects of sun To raise the sun umbrella Paste on lotion And say aloud Isn’t it great that the weather Has finally turned for the better It must…

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Canadian and so proud of it …

365 And Counting

I am lucky enough, with this blog, to have readers from every corner of the world; and, depending onProudCanadian where you live and the news you get to see, you may or may not know about the tragedy in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

When residents woke up last Tuesday morning the sky was blue, but some smoke, from forest fires, could be seen in the distance. By the afternoon the city was engulfed in flames and the 80,000 people who live there had to be evacuated.

The damage is extensive, lives have been taken and lives have been ruined. It

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Another spoke in the wheel. — C J Black

Although it was arranged many months before it was as though I had slept through the allotted time. We arranged to meet for the special evening. In order to build up to it we decided not to meet until the date on the tickets. I cranked up the Cadillac and headed for “Fire Lake”…

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Real Men Eat Quiche

Kevin Connelly

Real men eat quiche, (love peace).

Gorbachev, Botha, Nelson Mandela,

Hume, Adams and David Trimble, for peace

sake would risk it all in one great gamble.

In these sad times others choose war, midgets

becoming mighty men in their own eyes

distracting their own with blatant lies.

Leaning hard until an old neighbour falls

to bully and bluster is all they know,

proving to themselves they have big balls.

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Donal Mahoney – A Tale of a Family Tree

The Galway Review

usDonal Mahoney was nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes. He has had poetry and fiction published in The Galway Review, Revival, ROPES and other publications in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Some of his work can be found at

A Tale of a Family Tree

They buried Colleen Garrity today
a woman 95 few people thought
would ever die and what a lovely
eulogy her cousin Paddy gave.

Paddy must be 80 if a day yet he
told well the tale of a family tree
and about the day he was born
in the family farmhouse where
Molly the midwife was in charge.

Before she died Colleen told Paddy
how during his mother’s labor
his father stayed downstairs
playing cards at the kitchen table
as was the custom in rural Ireland
when a miracle took place upstairs.

Colleen remembered how the card game
stopped when…

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