The place I call home.

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Next week I will pack my youngest into the car,and we will drive off to Dublin, to stay with my mum for a few days.small__7419838838

Even though I left Dublin over twenty five years ago to live 200 km away in Cork, with my new husband and subsequent four children, I still say as I leave for Dublin, that I am going home!

When I turn the corner at the bottom of our road, a million memories will bubble up. I will see friends from bygone days playing chase on the road and arguing over who was caught.

I will pass the small garden wall where I crashed my brothers brand new bike. It wrecked his bike and I broke my nose!
I will see the trees I was not allowed to climb but did so daily and remember the fields that used to be where houses now stand.

On reaching…

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Salt of the earth. — C J Black

Its windows shuttered to the sun This old house allowed fall into rack and ruin Its history gone to the grave With those who graced its doors. This house with ghostly barns Jewels Admired and talked about Never touched Doors like mussels with broken hinges Hang open to the elements An old chestnut tree Now…

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A Thought for today

St Paul

Malta and St. Paul

A Powerful Partnership

It was St Paul who started it all in 60 AD when after being shipwrecked off the coast, he took shelter on the island and in return for the hospitality  received, he gave Christianity to the Islanders and they have cherished it ever since.

St Paul is everywhere in Malta. The faithful revere him and throughout the islands his name is proudly linked to most churches and important buildings. Paul’s story is amazing and inspiring. From his early life as an Anti-Christ, killing and persecuting followers of Jesus, to one of the greatest evangelists of all time, he has come a long way.  Having spent a lifetime teaching, preaching and suffering, he was eventually executed in Rome on June 29th 0067.

It was on that fateful journey to Rome to plead his case before Ceasar that Paul and 276 other seafarers became…

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Tiger, Tiger…

As it Comes


Can sadness leak
its dripping tears
as if it could
escape by proxy
through half inch wounds
then out through the knotted
wooden floor’s gaping remnants
of ancient times
and trees
torn limb from limb?
Imposters: damp and warped,
stiffened – dead grasslands
for clumsy walks,
prowls cut short by meagre
metal boundaries,
but there is no bounding,
no hunt, no chase, no kill
no cubs, no family,
but plenty of abandoned scent.
I smell fear and weakness,
greedy consumers,
glaring customers
disturbed human sweat
and cruel tamers
wielding lashes and prods,
chains and vicious collars.
Vices and weakness,
I see those – they smell
of commercialism
and exploitation; even my water
smells of death.
My tired body aches, its atrophy
longs to be beyond the wire mesh
and cruel, sadistic pleasure
in the vertical hold of cold steel.
I need to be
I need to run and run…

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Peace : a notion

jpoet7/Joseph Black Photography

Peace: a Notion.
The end of the world is nigh

A preacher on the street did sigh

Tanks and planes and guns pass by

People poor and desolate cry.
General through his looking glass

Espy the soldiers as they pass

To wars that are not of their making

Women children babies quaking.

” Make the world a better place

All those heathens do erase”

“Who are they to disagree

With people of our pedigree”.
Think, what do we leave behind

Broken nations you will find

A body full of discontent

Frustration anger now to vent.
Nowhere for us to hide

Within our midst they do reside

Await a moment of least resistance

Slaughter harmless, innocence.
Let’s all bring this to an end

Races, creeds do not offend

Teach our children dignity

Let them grow up happy, free.
Jpoet7 ( word )

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Simple minds

jpoet7/Joseph Black Photography

Simple minds
Peel back sadness and you’ll find

Deep within that troubled mind

There lies a happiness within

Beneath that dark encrusted skin.
Seek out goodness in your brain

Jump upon that joyous train

Be kind be nice do not prejudge

Let not race or colour

your judgement Fudge.
Jpoet7 ( word )

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Self-expression. — C J Black

(Using destructive imagery). Today is write a short story day. Irrespective of whether I have anything concrete to say. Don’t block any thoughts out which I think may be of little relevance just continue writing I tell myself. I will feel all the better of it? This story line can consist of ingredients of any…

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