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St Paul

Malta and St. Paul

A Powerful Partnership

It was St Paul who started it all in 60 AD when after being shipwrecked off the coast, he took shelter on the island and in return for the hospitality  received, he gave Christianity to the Islanders and they have cherished it ever since.

St Paul is everywhere in Malta. The faithful revere him and throughout the islands his name is proudly linked to most churches and important buildings. Paul’s story is amazing and inspiring. From his early life as an Anti-Christ, killing and persecuting followers of Jesus, to one of the greatest evangelists of all time, he has come a long way.  Having spent a lifetime teaching, preaching and suffering, he was eventually executed in Rome on June 29th 0067.

It was on that fateful journey to Rome to plead his case before Ceasar that Paul and 276 other seafarers became…

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