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grGordon Ferris was born and reared in Dublin.  He left school at sixteen, worked as a barman in Dublin into his twenties. He fell for a Donegal woman, got married, moved to Donegal and has lived there for the past thirty-four or five years doing various jobs to support his family.  He has had stories and poetry in A New Ulster magazine and poetry in Hidden Channel, a Sligo magazine.


By Gordon Ferris

I peel open my eyes, slowly. Ah, let me sleep for just a little bit longer, the sleep has left a tiny solid annoying substance in the corner of my eye. Which for the life of me I can’t remove; I poke it out eventually, looking at the little white round substance thinking, so much bother for something so  soft and delicate, before flicking it unceremoniously away.

I look at the ignored alarm clock on the dresser…

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Kaiser. — C J Black

Bounding forward from a swift push forward off those hind legs From prone position, head resting between two front paws The, I am the boss dog, rescued from sheltered raggedness Now living a haughty life style – Greets his owner with the ever smiling wag of his grey/white tail. ©2016 Chris Black.

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In tune with my thoughts. — C J Black

Radio: theatre of the mind Rapturous in early morning As first you pause, open your mind to it Enter into this mysterious world Incidental, it may be to some – Early morning news and traffic reports Some enjoy the zaniness of morning radio While there are those who like to Mellow out To a…

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I think therefore I am. — C J Black

There are few things I enjoy so much as talking to people about things I know little about – Fakery is a great past time. There are often times when I gain immeasurable knowledge talking to someone who either knows everything about nothing or enjoys playing literary gamesmanship, just what makes such people tick…

via I think therefore I am. — C J Black

Accepting those plaudits. — C J Black

Allow yourself follow that dream, not as difficult as it may seem. The dream belongs to you and you alone, of course share it if you wish but not with those who tend to moan. Steer well clear of those naysayers, who will always say – it’s just a dream you haven’t a prayer.…

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It’s summer somewhere? — C J Black

The sky A prison grey colour. Overhead A murder of crows In search Of sunlight. Caws Of disappointment Fill the ears. Claps of thunder Way off in the Distance Not at all Appetising. Blindfolded Choose a movie From the DVD Cabinet – Misery Things are Looking up!!!!! ©2016 Chris Black

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Freshen up the word wardrobe. — C J Black

No Is not a word We should concentrate on A negative word No A word we all Should work around Yes Will eventually Emerge A small word Big in positivity No Can be a friendless Word The opposite can Be said of yes Waking each morning Rise and shine Dress yourself in Yes The…

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