When is enough, enough?

365 And Counting

I really think we’ve sunk to depths we would once have thought unimaginable. bad

It’s bad enough that the republican nominee for president of the United States has lied and cheated his entire life … that he has bent the rules to suit himself … that he has left countless people holding the bag … that the only words that come out of his mouth are vile, vicious and frankly, libelous … that he insults, bullies, threatens, taunts, incites violence and instills fear … that he advocates torture and the use of nuclear weapons … that he cozies

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At the moment of impact. — C J Black

Just as I was about to ask if the earth had moved for her – I heard this creaking sound. Peering through strands of blonde hair I saw this large tree falling as if in slow motion. Letting out a frightened groan – she looked at me smilingly and said – I never…

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