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grGordon Ferris was born and reared in Dublin.  He left school at sixteen, worked as a barman in Dublin into his twenties. He fell for a Donegal woman, got married, moved to Donegal and has lived there for the past thirty-four or five years doing various jobs to support his family.  He has had stories and poetry in A New Ulster magazine and poetry in Hidden Channel, a Sligo magazine.


By Gordon Ferris

I peel open my eyes, slowly. Ah, let me sleep for just a little bit longer, the sleep has left a tiny solid annoying substance in the corner of my eye. Which for the life of me I can’t remove; I poke it out eventually, looking at the little white round substance thinking, so much bother for something so  soft and delicate, before flicking it unceremoniously away.

I look at the ignored alarm clock on the dresser…

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Kaiser. — C J Black

Bounding forward from a swift push forward off those hind legs From prone position, head resting between two front paws The, I am the boss dog, rescued from sheltered raggedness Now living a haughty life style – Greets his owner with the ever smiling wag of his grey/white tail. ©2016 Chris Black.

via Kaiser. — C J Black