Stepping over the edge.

‘Each day this Same Train of thought takes me down a Different Track assisting in my writing helping the mind relax’

Following along the river that has no end means in reality I will not return to this space. gone in search of the dawn of a new age. There has to be something out there to challenge this restless mind?

I passed a nest of cottages in a quiet country lane, history had forgotten them as it will the young family gathered around their picnic basket, settled comfortably on their soft quilted rugs enjoying their repast also the farmers in nearby meadows threshing those same meadows that year on year always yielded a good crop.

I walked on unfurling this new map life had laid out for me, thinking not alone what can I do only what must be done.

(c) Chris Black 2016.

From dark to light.

Suffering literary anxiety occurs mostly on the Sabbath day

Does it come from that little voice at the back of the head

Whispering, on the Sabbath day rest and pray

Rest is something to do once the light is switched out

Pray – once was in fashion

Now confined to when

Literary anxiety raises its ugly head

If you do not rest you will suffer burnout

Put prayer on the back burner –

If there is a hell you’ll burn

Should poetic lines always be fluid

In order that a white space not be left nude.

Pondering on topics which need not be pondered on,

At least not for long periods

May well lead to nervous exhaustion.

Chris Black. 21/09/2016


The Wexford Way and the Knights Templar

Kevin Connelly


In the footsteps of the Knights Templar

            “Where are you looking for?”

“Well, I’m walking to the Hook for now, but I was just looking at some of these paths and trails marked here on the map.”

My faithful friend, the 1: 50,000 Ordnance Survey Discovery Series, Sheet no. 76, showed me an interesting looking road towards the sea and branching off in two further paths.  On paper at least they looked inviting and surely worthy of further investigation.

“Have you been down that way?”  I asked.

The younger man was studying the map, lifting his gaze to scan the landscape every now and then.

“You’re well able to read the map,” I commented when he pointed to a meandering line of hedges to our seaward side, adding that was where one of the dotted map lines went.

“I’m an engineer,” he smiled, “I’ve been down that…

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Clouded thinking. — C J Black

Trying hard to grapple with the fog inside my head Not helped at all this morning with the density of fog On the horizon. Considering what subject to write on today Dismayed am I. But one must keep plugging away With all that’s going on in the world There has to be something to…

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20 NO FEE submission calls (8 PAYING), DEADLINES: Sept. 10 – 30, 2016 — Trish Hopkinson

This list focuses on poetry submissions, but most lit mags accept prose and art as well. The listings are in order of closest deadlines and have no submission fees. Deadlines are all in September. For a list of more places open year round and open now, check out my filtered version of Entropy’s “WHERE TO […]

via 20 NO FEE submission calls (8 PAYING), DEADLINES: Sept. 10 – 30, 2016 — Trish Hopkinson