The call of Autumn. — C J Black

Autumn colours are slowly appearing Yellow brown leaves falling – clutter shores Naked trees shiver in ever changing climate Stretching out welcoming arms. The thief of autumn has stolen summer warm The sky’s roof opens, clouds gather All have a purpose Following the storm – the beauty of silence. The pages of…

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Voyage around Sunday. — C J Black

Today is Sitting at the breakfast table Sunday Discuss the previous night Sunday Sit out in the sunshine Sunday Lazy day Sunday Freshen up, go for a long walk Sunday Relax and read the Sunday papers Sunday Have a change of heart Sunday Go for dinner somewhere Sunday Toss a coin to see who…

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Circumstances alter cases. — C J Black

Perched perilously On the slim telegraph wire Listen to those querulous rooks Are they commenting on the weather? The fact that food is in scarce supply Or perhaps even the fact Due to continuous rainfall Nests had to be vacated The wonders of nature. On a dank dark autumnal day The song birds of…

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School days


Oh! Those school days
Some children huddled in the yard

The lookout on the corner.

He was waiting for the teacher

A certain Mrs. Horner.

She was a lady of some renown

Who disciplined with passion.

And the children often teased her

In a whisper on her fashion.

For she wore her hair up in a bun

With a net to keep it tidy.

The leather hanging by her side

Was always at the ready.

Good ammunition if required

For children in the classroom.

Who whispered and

then who quickly ducked

As the duster did fly past them.


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When the sun takes a step back. — C J Black

September days are with us Suddenly in that moment – feel at peace Falling in love with autumn Walking along its golden path – Strewn with fallen leaves The forest walk changing the landscape As age old trees shed their clothing Autumn paints so many varying colours When crisp air says goodbye to summer…

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