Today is national poetry day 06 October 2016.


(Theme for the day).

Messages come in the form of thoughts

Which assist in creating a poem

The mind, a basket of words

Waiting to be moulded together

Help spread the good news

A message of hope – that others

Will cling onto and in time

Sit and contemplate their own thoughts

Consider strongly –

Yes this message must be shared

Poetry must not be allowed die

Since time immemorial

The message has been handed down

Some grasp onto it late in life

While others it would appear

Are born to spread the good news

Good goods come in small packages

So free form or in which ever form

Suits the pen on this National Poetry Day

Not just a message, but –

Messages of greetings in word form

To all who continue to spread the good news.

(c)Chris Black 2016