Doodling out loud.

For the past two days I’ve failed to write one line

The thought process has been what’s referred to as benign

Frustrating as this may be

It’s very plain to see

The brain such as it is is trying to relate

Don’t doubt yourself don’t denigrate

Think on a subject not too taxing

Breathe easy start relaxing

Don’t give yourself palpitations

The little voice whispers to me

I should stand back I agree

But if I let this continue to fester

I’ll be left with a real tester

How long do I stay away from the writing process

How will I return, continue to progress

Failure is a strange bedfellow

Those gremlins will be gone come tomorrow

I can then allow myself the freedom to write as I wish

This is in no way a factual poem, just an assorted poetic dish.

(c)Chris Black 2016
























Autumn shades


Autumn shades
Natures turned the season’s keys

Autumn sheds its golden leaves

Verdant trees of summer, bare

Branches shivering naked there.
Woodlands hedgerow’s amber glow

Home to holly, robin, sloe.

Squirrels, nuts do harbour, store

In their winter dens to share.
Morning breezes chill the air

As through mist and fog I stare

Spiders web in dew you’ll find

Tribute to nature’s mastermind.
© (

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