Doodling out loud.

For the past two days I’ve failed to write one line

The thought process has been what’s referred to as benign

Frustrating as this may be

It’s very plain to see

The brain such as it is is trying to relate

Don’t doubt yourself don’t denigrate

Think on a subject not too taxing

Breathe easy start relaxing

Don’t give yourself palpitations

The little voice whispers to me

I should stand back I agree

But if I let this continue to fester

I’ll be left with a real tester

How long do I stay away from the writing process

How will I return, continue to progress

Failure is a strange bedfellow

Those gremlins will be gone come tomorrow

I can then allow myself the freedom to write as I wish

This is in no way a factual poem, just an assorted poetic dish.

(c)Chris Black 2016
























14 thoughts on “Doodling out loud.

  1. I go through days where I don’t want to write at all and cant even imagine feeling inspired. Then a few days later I am full of ideas and my fingers can’t keep up. I’m definitely not someone who can sit and write every day at the same time.

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      1. The supplement is not online this week. I’m not sure why. If it’s not going online I’ll post it, thanks for your interest. I did post the first one last week.

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      2. Yes I read that one. Best of luck with it who knows where it might lead? Ever consider compiling your posts into book form, there is enough material there to present to a publisher and see what happens.


      3. Thanks C.J your belief in my writing has made my day.
        I did think about it once, but if I’m honest I just don’t have the nerve. I even thought about self publishing a few but I couldn’t imagine how I’d compile them into anything worthwhile.
        Never say never I suppose.

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  2. This really does happen to me frequently. I never try to force it. I give it a rest, do other things, don’t panic and the next thing I know the words are flowing again.

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